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The Sanctuary Spa provides an extensive range of high quality Repechage Facials. These can treat a variety of types of skin, found below.

Seaweed Facial

Repechage seaweed facial

 An anti-aging treatment with maximum hydration and beneficial nutrients and vitamins for the skin. Perfect for ageing and water depleted skin. Seaweed Mask – Pure seaweed extracts combined with other 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids and 42 trace elements to hydrate the skin and slow down the ageing process.  This facial provices a serum that is lightweight and oilfree with strong vitamin C nutrients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

60 Minutes – $140

Vita Cura Lifting and Firming Facial

Vita Cura Lifting and Firming Facial, with Micropeel is based on a combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin, providing advanced skin repair. This treatment provides an instant trigger to young looking skin. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal. By understanding the science behind natural therapies. 

This facial is a treatment that provides visable results.

60 Minutes – $140.00 

Hydra Medic Acne Treatment Facial with High Frequency Ozone 

Hydra medic acne treatment facial with high frequency ozone

Hydra Medic Facial is your answer for oily skin at any age. This Facial combines seaweed extracts with the best skin care ingredients from the earth and sea to help your skin look its best without over drying. The unique formulas found in this collection include an antioxidant tea blend, sea muds, and herbal extracts that gently deep cleanse the skin to help reduce oily skin while leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. 

60 Minutes – $140.00 

Classic European Facial

Classic european facial

This facial is suitable for all skin types. It begins with thorough cleansing and exfoliation (using steam and extraction if indicated during the consultation); followed by a 15 minute massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage; continues with mask therapy, then skin toning and Committed concludes the facial, to protect the skin against internal and external elements.

60 Minutes – $140

Four Layer Luxury Anti Age Firming Facial 

The Four Layer Facial, perfect for men, women and all skin types. The Four Layer Facial is a premier anti-aging treatment. Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh, sustainably-harvested seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically. This facial treatment is the ultimate luxury pamper facial, it includes head, shoulder and arm massage. 

60 Minutes – $140.00

Bio Light Facial  

This professional treatment helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Clinical studies have shown that its marine and botanical actives work together to uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion. This facial treatment includes a 20 minute massage on the face, neck and shoulders.

60 Minutes – $140.00

Red Out Seaweed Extract & Silver Facial

For Sensitive Skin this facial helps to reduce the appearance of redness caused by the environment and stress. It helps to soothe the appearance of the skin. In 30 minutes, you will see the difference as skin becomes more hydrated and smoother looking.

For Sensitive Skin Repêchage® Red-Out® Facial utilizes the latest research designed and formulated to help calm the appearance of sensitive skin

60 Minutes – $140.00

red out seaweed extract & silver facial