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I am Emily, owner and founder of The Sanctuary Spa here in Calgary, Canada.

After working many years in an executive business environment in the international corporate world. I decided when we moved as a family, from Dubai in the Middle East to Calgary in Canada, it was time for a major change in my career.

Being in that fast paced world, as well as raising a family and balancing that with creating a home and supporting my husband, I never thought it would be possible to re-invent myself and do something that I really love and have an interest in. But I took the plunge to learn, study and train about skin care, holistic therapies and body treatments, as these topics have been a major passion of mine all my life, with a vision of turning all this knowledge into something new.

I have always loved being at the customer end of treatments and have sampled many, some of these experiences have been exceptional and others not. So learning from these experiences and from what I have seen around the world, I wanted to create the perfect spa that I believe would give you the ultimate experience.

So I created The Sanctuary Spa, which is just that location, a place of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Just for you, with no distractions and focused on service for the customer from the moment you enter, until the time you leave.

I want you to participate in the total Sanctuary Spa feel, where we use high quality products, many developed from natural ingredients found on the beautiful South Coast of Brittany in France. You will have no option but to fall in love with the whole encounter when you let yourself embrace the full opportunity of what the Sanctuary Spa has to offer .

At the Sanctuary Spa there are no invasive treatments, just natural products that deliver the perfect results and most importantly make you feel calm, de-stressed and relaxed when you walk out of the door.

I am looking forward to providing you with a warm welcome, when we can go through your consultation together, in a nice relaxed setting. Please contact The Sanctuary Spa for a free consultation.