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About Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a form of exfoliation that uses a chemical solution to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Treatment time for a chemical peel can take up to 30 minutes and the peeling process can last anywhere from three to five days after. During the peeling process, the dead skin cells shed or flake off, eventually revealing fresh, new skin underneath.

Benefits of a chemical peel

There are many benefits to receiving a chemical peel. Not only do chemical peels reveal a brighter, smoother and more refined complexion, they also improve the overall look and feel of the skin in just one treatment. Other benefits of receiving a chemical peel include:

  • Improving the skin’s color, clarity, tone and texture
  • Stimulating new collagen and healthy skin cell growth, resulting in a radiant complexion
  • Reducing discoloration caused by sun damage
  • Helping to clear up breakouts
  • Smoothing away the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increasing hydration of the skin
  • Addressing visible skin imperfections and superficial scars
  • Enabling skincare products used at home to be more effective because a peel can remove several layers of skin build-up and congestion, allowing products to penetrate deeper into the skin

For long-term results, we recommend a series of three or more chemical peels, spaced four to six weeks apart. The benefit of receiving a series of peels is that this treatment will be able to target the deeper layers of the epidermis, giving your skin an enhanced exfoliation. This type of deep exfoliation can stimulate cellular turnover, resulting in the production of healthy, glowing skin.

The type of chemical peel used will be determined by your clinical aesthetician during your initial consultation based on your skin type, its current condition, your lifestyle and your desired outcome.

Want to see if you’re a candidate for a chemical peel? Call for a free consultation and skin analysis to learn more.

It is generally advised to get a chemical peel every four to six weeks. However, if you suffer from acne, there are peels that you can do every two weeks until you find the expected results.

What to expect following treatments

  • After the peel, the skin can remain bright for a day to several days after depending on the strength of peel and your skin type and condition.
  • Red spots may appear but will disappear in the next few days.
  • Hyperpigmentation may appear darker right after but will fade. The skin may feel itchy and tight, therefore post treatment moisture is extremely important.
  • We provide care kits to include hyaluronic acid serums and soothing moisturizers for you to use in conjunction with the line of product used and your customized treatment plan, lastly remember avoid the sun and use sunscreen.


Single Treatment


This includes 1 treatment, pre and post treatment kit.

4x Treatment Package


This includes 4 treatment, pre and post treatment kit.